China Punks 03: I said “Cultural Evolution,” dammit!

After getting drunk and doing more important things last week, Charlie comes back to us.

We circle around many of the various topics that have been debated over the last weeks, but stick to the bigger ones: namely, Han Han, Wukan, crappy Chinese television, the coming culture wars between China and “the West,” and the internal contradictions of state-mandated soft power.

Its a whole 90 minutes packed with analysis, griping, and, if you’re lucky, some dark humor.

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China Punks 2: No snappy title

Note: This originally appeared on Artman Talks as the podcast with No Name #2

We get a better internet connection (kind of) and stay a little bit more on focused when it comes to topics.

We talk about some of the biggest news (no not Euro nonsense) to hit this side of the world: the death of Kim Jong-il. A crazy guy, who apparently wanted to be a movie director, left behind a son only recently declared heir to rule the country. What’s next for North Korea and China? We’re not sure, but we do discuss some of the possibilities. Read the rest of this entry »