China Punks 22: Sex Salons? Yay! Group Sex? Boo!

Recorded on August 17, 2012

After the amazing amount of referral traffic from Google to China Punks 20: Japanese Porn is its Own Culture, it has been decided by the CP Media board of directors that every subsequent episode, or just the title, of China Punks (patents pending) shall include references to porn, sex, and/or Japanese porn stars.

We shan’t go out of our way to offend our audience; we work with what we’re given.  This week that includes a group sex scandal as it may or may not have involved some top level local officials, but definitely ended with two innocent, sexually curious teachers getting fired because group sex is illegal in China…. This in the same country where (underage) girls are kidnapped, forced to have group sex, and then have their moms sent to labor camps (Listen to China Punks 21: Time waits for no man for more on that).

We didn’t talk about it on the show, but make sure to check out Charlie’s trailer for his documentary, Living With Dead Hearts


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zhou kehua

Chinese serial killer Zhou Kehua shot dead after 8 years on run | The Austr

trend of foreigners leaving

Why I’m leaving China

You’ll never be Chinese

group sex photo

Couple loses jobs over group sex photos-

China’s Sexy, Cheesy Group Sex Scandal – Global – The Atlantic Wire

here(NSFW or children)

县委书记王民生艳照后续 充满神秘色彩的配角 | 亚太外汇网(NSFW or children)

high speed rail quality

The Problem With China’s High Speed Rail

China’s High Speed Rail at the Expense of Safety

kaifeng reconstruction

Reconstruction project looks suspiciously like destruction|China|chinadaily


China Punks 16: Workin’ For Soros

Recorded on June 11, 2012

As our one listener noticed (you know who you are), we did not have a chance to produce an episode last week.  Partly a scheduling error and partly a technical issue, we had to skip last week.

And (congratulations to Charlie), Mr Custer is, as of this writing, formally getting married.  Thus, this episode is either very late or very early (even though it is being posted at the usual time).

Again, welcome everyone from the No Agenda Stream.  You can find the show notes below.

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gate of heavenly peace

China clamps down ahead of Tiananmen anniversary

Former Beijing Mayor Denies Responsibility for Tiananmen Square Crackdown

Ghost of Tiananmen stalks China’s elite

In Focus: Tiananmen Square, Then and Now

Sensitive Words: The Tiananmen Edition (Update)

Tank Man Revisited: More Details Emerge About the Iconic Image

chinese kleptocracy

 The Chinese Kleptocracy Is Like Nothing In Human History

On Chinese Kleptocracy: Stationary versus Roving Bandits

hw and zte corruption

Huawei, ZTE Execs Sentenced to Ten Years for Corruption in Algeria

foxconn riot

Video: Top Headlines: Foxconn Workers in Chengdu Riot

China Punks 15: I’m F****ing Dis Pear, Man

Recorded on May 30, 2012

We’re trying something a little different this week and, as with anything new, there’s always room for error (which we never make).  It took about two days after the recording to get everything together.

You’ll notice that Charlie sounds amazing whereas John sounds just as crappy. Also, if you’re really paying attention, you might notice that both John and Charlie seem telepathic, because we are.

Again, welcome everyone from the No Agenda Stream.  You can catch us “live” every Friday at noon EDT (4pm GMT).

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Chinese Local Official Rapes “Nearly One Hundred” Young Girls Before Capture

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