China Punks 21: Time waits for no man

Or, This Took Too Long to Post

Recorded on August 9, 2012

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Mother sentenced to 1.5 years hard labor for seeking justice

Mother of Rape Victim Sentenced to Hard Labor, Chinese Blogosphere Explodes in Indignation

Mother of Rape Victim Locked Up For Complaints Against Police

Probe into protest mother’s sentence

gu kailai case

Conviction of Gu Kailai was never in doubt – official version of case still is

He Weifang on the Gu Kailai trial

Bo Xilai’s son confident ‘facts will speak for themselves’ in mother’s murder trial

Could Bo Xilai Escape Criminal Charges?

U.K. Officials Granted Access to Gu Kailai Trial

chengguan militia

hu xinjin – liberals tools of americans

New Internet meme: China has completed 62% of its great revival

China’s Dark PR: Time to Say Goodbye to Paid Censorship


China Punks 16: Workin’ For Soros

Recorded on June 11, 2012

As our one listener noticed (you know who you are), we did not have a chance to produce an episode last week.  Partly a scheduling error and partly a technical issue, we had to skip last week.

And (congratulations to Charlie), Mr Custer is, as of this writing, formally getting married.  Thus, this episode is either very late or very early (even though it is being posted at the usual time).

Again, welcome everyone from the No Agenda Stream.  You can find the show notes below.

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gate of heavenly peace

China clamps down ahead of Tiananmen anniversary

Former Beijing Mayor Denies Responsibility for Tiananmen Square Crackdown

Ghost of Tiananmen stalks China’s elite

In Focus: Tiananmen Square, Then and Now

Sensitive Words: The Tiananmen Edition (Update)

Tank Man Revisited: More Details Emerge About the Iconic Image

chinese kleptocracy

 The Chinese Kleptocracy Is Like Nothing In Human History

On Chinese Kleptocracy: Stationary versus Roving Bandits

hw and zte corruption

Huawei, ZTE Execs Sentenced to Ten Years for Corruption in Algeria

foxconn riot

Video: Top Headlines: Foxconn Workers in Chengdu Riot

China Punks 14: Drinkin’ Before 5pm

First, we would like to welcome all listeners from the No Agenda Stream.  If you’re catching this post before the live stream broadcast, you can catch our “live” broadcast on Friday May 25 12 noon EDT (Midnight Saturday China time.)

Also, there’s a problem with the Ubuntu One streaming of our podcast, so I won’t be posting a link to streaming.  Instead, the link below is to the download.

Find links and more info below

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yang rui

China Soft-Power Watch: The Yang Rui ‘Foreign Bitch’ Factor

Okay, seriously…one last Yang Rui story

child kidnapping – serial killer in kunming

17 young people disappear in Yunnan, police fear a serial killer

Serial killers in China

Living with Dead Hearts

chen guangfu

Chen Guangcheng’s Brother Escapes Village

Report: Chinese city enforcers accused of brutality

xiaomi flashing

Book of Knowledge: Xiaomi

Tech in Asia’s Coverage

China Punks: Relevant Recording Procedures

BEIJING — Charlie Custer and John Artman, creators and co-hosts of China Punks, the most popular podcast in China, have recently announced their decision to forego a show this week, ostensibly because of a technical malfunction.

This, of course, has created a wave of concern, and uncertainty over the future of this award-winning and ground breaking podcast.

In order to alleviate concern, Mr Custer and Mr Artman called an emergency press conference last night.  Unfortunately, due to laziness and general disrespect for their listening public, they were not in attendance.  Instead, their spokesman from Relevant Recordings, Mr Xiang Guan Bu, made the announcement and answered questions during the two-hour press conference.

“According to the relevant recording procedures, China Punks was unable to be published this week,” Xiang said. “We hope that everyone understand how important these relevant rules and regulations are to the continuation of safe and harmonious podcasting in China.”

However, when asked about what the proper procedures for podcasting are, Mr Xiang was not able to give any satisfying answers.

“It is the belief of myself, as well as those I represent, that everyone already knows the relevant regulations and procedures.  If you don’t, I refer you to our website: where everything is explained logically and clearly.  If you can’t find any relevant information, then I apologize, because you must be stupid.”

Both Mr Custer and Mr Artman were unavailable for comment as they had to finish their ice cream.

—- Yur Mom.  Follow him on twitter @STFU

China Punks 12: Bears, Bats, and One Blind Man

UPDATE:  Audio file is now the entire show.

Recorded on May 2, 2012

On behalf of the China Punks team, we would like sadly inform our loyal listeners that we will be discontinuing our line of “China Punks”-branded cattle, power hungry officials and baby brands.  Due to amazing lack of demand, there’s just no way that we could continue the production of these life-changing products.

Upon looking at our finances, our board of directors has decided, instead, to place what little money we have into a new line of government approved “China Punks” bear-repelling and dissident-beating baseball bats.  They won’t be very useful if you do decide to take a trek into the-middle-of-nowhere Beijing suburbs to test video game consoles.

Nor will they protect you from wizards.

These are poorly-made and low quality products which no one will want.  They aren’t limited edition, won’t come with a certificate of authenticity, and certainly won’t come with a warranty.

Did we mention that they won’t protect you from wizards?

We hope you don’t enjoy them.


John and Charlie

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Wizard Arrested for Raping Buddhist

chen guangcheng

(this is an evolving situation. Some news linked here may be outdated by the time you read it)

China Geeks’ coverage

Chen Guangcheng to stay in China after authorities pledge to assure his safety

Stephen Colbert has delicate advice for Chen Guangcheng

Chen Guangcheng

On a Tightrope, President Prods China on Rights

Chen Guangcheng’s Journey

The Baffling Case of Chen Guangcheng

Chen Guangcheng’s Escape Could Cause Breakdown of U.S. Relations With China


Weibo, Rumors, and Real Name Registraion with Jeremy Goldkorn

Sina Admits It Has Not Complied With Weibo Real Name Registration Rules

Sina’s Softer Censorship: A Case Study of Search Smothering


Alleged Taobao scandal stirs sensation


ebox isec ct510

Lenovo-funded eBox gaming console renamed iSec, still can’t shake Kinect comparisons

Lenovo-backed Video Game System Unveiled in China

Eedoo iSec is Now Called the CT510, To Be Released Next Week

China Punks 10: Let the Branding Begin!

After an extremely long hiatus, China Punks is back with a brand new branding campaign.  That’s right folks, branding.

Brand your donkey, brand your kids, wife, wherever and whenever you’ve got a fire you can brand with your all-new China Punks brand!

As soon as we’ve got that going, we’ll let you know.  Until then, we hope you enjoy the latest episode of China Punks.  Topics and links below.

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Thailand vacation (with no Thailand)

Bo xilai +Neil Heywood stuff, rumors

Corruption Nation:  Why Bo Xilai Matters

Britain Presses for Information on Death in China

USC shooting and journalist witch-hunting

The Implications Of One Small Associated Press Editing Error Beijing Cream

Chinese Student Rapes Woman in US, Parents Try – chinaSMACK

Game of Thrones


Xiaomi 2 and Meizu MX

Xiaomi To Release Second-generation Product In H2 2012

Meizu MX Quad-core to Launch in June, Powered by Samsung’s Exynos CPU

Netease vs Tencent vs everyone

Netease vs. Tencent: The Great App Theft of 2012

Qihoo Takes Tencent to Court Tomorrow, Accuses It of Being Monopolistic

Yogurt and pill gelatin food safety

Manufacturing of Poisonous Disposable Chopsticks Exposed

China Punks 07: Title Censored

Recorded on Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Goodness comes in increments.

This week, Charlie and John struggle to find a piece of Chinese news that’s as compelling as Wang Lijun’s supposed defection attempt.

However, it seems that they’ve finally agreed to disagree about something.  We all know that agreement is boring.  Episode 7 is not boring (if you disagree, that’s still a win for us, ‘cuz that means you actually listened!)

They discuss the merits and demerits of the Chinese and US systems as well as the futility when it comes to comparing two very different political/cultural constructs.  Also, (going completely outside their purview or supposed expertise) they discuss the Syria situation and whether intervention would be a good thing.

Thanks for listening.  Let us know what you think.  And don’t forget to tell your friends how wrong we are.

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SEO Juice

QQ Users in China Pay For a Fake ‘Sent From My iPhone’ Hack

Chinese characteristics vs US democracy

Why China’s Political Model Is Superior

On the “Superior” Political Model

Bo Xilai

Reports: Bo Xilai Offers Resignation

Baidu Begins Censoring “Bo Xilai Tenders Resignation”

Scandal May Topple Party Official in China

Apple V Proview

Proview, Shenzhen << MIC Gadget

Stan Abrams’ coverage

Artman Talks 20: Apple V Proview with Stan Abrams

Occupy the Men’s Room

Men’s Bathroom ‘Occupied’ in Protest Over China Toilet Inequity


China paper says West stirring up civil war in Syria