Disclaimer:  This podcast is in no way affiliated with China Radio International or Tech in Asia.  All opinions expressed are those of the hosts and are not meant to represent the views or opinions of their employers.

China Punks is a weekly audio collaboration between John Artman and Charlie Custer.  They focus mainly on current events, trends and tech in China.

John is a total punk.  Depending on when you catch him, you might think he’s a really cool guy or just an idiot with a big mouth.  Whichever one you come across works in his favor as, in the end, John’s only real goal in life is to be interesting and keep you on your feet.

John works as a host and producer at China Radio International.  You can find some of his work here, here , and here He also does an independent podcast, Artman Talks, that focuses on tech in China.

Charlie is a total punk.  He writes for ChinaGeeks and Tech in Asia and also does video and shit. China bloggers seem to agree he’s the foreign blogger most likely to get kicked out of China in 2012. He has a terrible memory and a worse mouth. Enjoy.

If you have any complaints, feel free not to tell us.  We only accept love, bitches.


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