China Punks 24: Officially A-holes

Recorded on September 6, 2012

This is the kind of stuff you just can’t make up: officials threatening flight attendants for not letting them leave their luggage in dangerous areas (ie, in the middle of the aisle), officials punching cops, and sons of officials crashing their Ferrari due to intense threesome action.


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canceling meeting with Hillary Clinton/Party Politics

Perils of Predicting Chinese Politics

China’s next leader buoyed by fresh setback for Hu: sources | Reuters

Ally of Next Chinese Leader Moves Into Key Role –

ling jihua (the father of Ferrari threesome driver)

Late Nights, Mysterious Women, and Communism|New Yorker Letter From China

Politburo politics: Doesn’t matter if the Ferrari is black or red | The Economist

Scandal over Hu’s aide Ling Jihua and cover-up of son’s death in car crash

flight attendant

Chinese Military Official Shamed After Attack on Flight Attendant

punching cops

“If You’re Not Dead By Tonight, I Joined the Party For Nothing!”

citron wars

Shit Gets Real, and Personal, as Chinese Business Leaders Slam Short Seller

No Sympathy: the China Short Seller Brawl Heats Up | China Hearsay

price war investigation

360Buy, Suning, Gome Investigated for Fraud in China E-Commerce Price War


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