China Punks 19: Dicks in Public

Recorded on July 11, 2012

This week sounds like crap. All and every apology to those who agree.

“If you’re willing to listen to extremely low quality audio, you shall be rewarded” Punks 3:33

Download China Punks 19

confucian constitution

A Confucian Constitution in China

rare earth

China reshapes role in rare earths, could be importer by 2014


SARFT tightens online video rules content

SARFT goes after online video, again

cctv david

CCTV censors David’s penis

Latest Chinese Internet meme after CCTV’s ‘David Gate’–Dressing the nude in artwork

lei jun

Lei Jun Flips out during Economic Observer interview

Xiaomi’s Huge Valuation Proves iPhone’s China Dominance Is Far From Assured



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