China Punks 09: “The Internet should be like the People’s Daily”

Recorded discontinuously on March 7, 2012.

We won’t bore you here on what we talked about this week.  We will, however, tell you that there are Apples, Tigers, Wangs, and more than you cared to hear about the “Two Meetings.”

And a disclaimer: Expect semi-coherent babbling brought on by exhaustion

More details to be inferred from links below.

Download or Stream China Punks 09: “The Internet should be like the People’s Daily”


A Window into the Demise and Bizarre Rebirth of TuanBao

We heart People’s Daily
Beautiful female journalists at two sessions (hat tip to Shanghaiist)
Beautiful service staff at the NPC and CPPCC sessions
Grandson of Chairman Mao attends CPPCC meeting

Mind Numbing “Two Meetings”
NPC Deputy Shen Jilan on “managing” the internet
Leadership Transition Looms Over NPC
CPPCC Rep: The Chinese Government Can’t Manufacture Steve Jobs
Rising Official Takes Aim at China’s Political Culture
Handshake in Beijing Sends Ripples Through Hong Kong

China’s Growth in 2012
World’s changed, man! World’s changed! (China edition)
Why China’s Urbanization Isn’t Creating a Middle Class
On China And The End Of The Commodity Super-Cycle

iPad 3/HD/No suffix
Apple Launches New iPad; Not Much There for China
Apple unveils new iPad

Wang Lijun, Bo Xilai, and shining some light on the back room politics
Chinese businessman detained before exposing crime links
Wang Lijun And Bo Xilai
Wang Lijun: Tip of the Iceberg?
Chongqing Mayor Reveals Role in Drama Outside U.S. Consulate
Hu Jintao Draws Blood with the Wang Lijun Scandal


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