China Punks 07: Title Censored

Recorded on Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Goodness comes in increments.

This week, Charlie and John struggle to find a piece of Chinese news that’s as compelling as Wang Lijun’s supposed defection attempt.

However, it seems that they’ve finally agreed to disagree about something.  We all know that agreement is boring.  Episode 7 is not boring (if you disagree, that’s still a win for us, ‘cuz that means you actually listened!)

They discuss the merits and demerits of the Chinese and US systems as well as the futility when it comes to comparing two very different political/cultural constructs.  Also, (going completely outside their purview or supposed expertise) they discuss the Syria situation and whether intervention would be a good thing.

Thanks for listening.  Let us know what you think.  And don’t forget to tell your friends how wrong we are.

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SEO Juice

QQ Users in China Pay For a Fake ‘Sent From My iPhone’ Hack

Chinese characteristics vs US democracy

Why China’s Political Model Is Superior

On the “Superior” Political Model

Bo Xilai

Reports: Bo Xilai Offers Resignation

Baidu Begins Censoring “Bo Xilai Tenders Resignation”

Scandal May Topple Party Official in China

Apple V Proview

Proview, Shenzhen << MIC Gadget

Stan Abrams’ coverage

Artman Talks 20: Apple V Proview with Stan Abrams

Occupy the Men’s Room

Men’s Bathroom ‘Occupied’ in Protest Over China Toilet Inequity


China paper says West stirring up civil war in Syria


China Punks 06: Apple, How Do You Plead?

Recorded on Feb 15, 2012.

This week, the two punks take a look at Apple vs Everyone, but in particular how they treat their people, what they do about it, and the so-far invincibility of their stock price even as they may lose the right to sell iPads in China.

We also do what we do best: make unfounded speculations. This time around we speculate about Xiaomi becoming a major player in Chinese handsets, the most recent drama surrounding Wang Lijun (not much, but exciting nonetheless), Linsanity, and the relationship between traditional TV and online viewing.

And it turns out that John’s unfounded speculation about Youku having an inside track in releasing mobile client for Paike, their user generated platform, was vindicated with SARFT’s announcement earlier today that they will regulate Internet and mobile TV.

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Apple Vs The World

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Reuters:  More Chinese Cities Halt iPad orders
the Beijinger: iPad, is this the end?
Sweatshop (flash game)

Wang Lijunanity

@Siweiluozi’s Blog: Wang Lijun, episode one

SARFT and Crappy TV

SARFT Establishing Platform For Regulating Internet Video in China
David Wolf: TV regulations: same wine, new bottle
Background on recent SARFT regulations


FT: Chinese censors face ‘Lin-sanity’ conundrum
Floyd Mayweather questions Jeremy Lin

China Punks 05: Baijiu makes you say the darndest things!

After almost a month of silence, the two punks are back with their bad mouths and over-generalizations.

In this episode, Charlie and John catch up after a period of involuntary silence to talk about Startup Asia, Wang Lijun, Xiaomi, as well as the gut-wrenching Spring Festival and accompanied headache-inducing Festival Gala on CCTV, et al.

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