China Punks 04: CCTV wants your soul

China Punks month-a-vesary edition.  Download or stream here.

We’re looking at CES and some of the interesting things that are being announced, the “free” Unicom iPhone 4S, the continued push by SARFT to centralize TV and bring those trashy satellite stations in line, and some predictions about 2012 for China.

Razer Project Fiona is half gaming tablet, half myth
China Unicom Reveals Contract Plans for iPhone 4S, ‘Free’ Comes at a Price
Why Are Children Experiencing a Crisis of Imagination?
Microsoft Sues Chinese Retailers for Selling PCs with Pirated Software
Why We Shouldn’t Hate Dashan
One Type of ISP monopoly not Addressed Yet
Larry Lang on the economics of bad film
China’s Cultural Revolution 2.0
China’s Real Estate Bubble May Have Just Popped


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