China Punks 2: No snappy title

Note: This originally appeared on Artman Talks as the podcast with No Name #2

We get a better internet connection (kind of) and stay a little bit more on focused when it comes to topics.

We talk about some of the biggest news (no not Euro nonsense) to hit this side of the world: the death of Kim Jong-il. A crazy guy, who apparently wanted to be a movie director, left behind a son only recently declared heir to rule the country. What’s next for North Korea and China? We’re not sure, but we do discuss some of the possibilities.Also, we talk a bit about the property market here in China. As China slows down, what’s going to happen to real estate and the economy as a whole? There’s lots of different opinions, but it probably won’t be as bad as some people are saying (especially since those people have money riding on a China fail.)

The big tech news of the past week was the wide(r) release of Xiaomi. Not only can you now could you order a phone on their site, but you can also buy it at a China Unicom store near you! But, like many things, just because it has gotten a lot of hype, doesn’t mean its the only homemade smartphone in China.

And, to end on a light note, we talk about how much I’d like to kick the dogs in my neighborhood (and their owners, to be honest.)

Listen here and tell all your friends!

Complete audio of Voice of Korea broadcast


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